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Estate Sales (Tag Sales) problems in market prices to the seller. Do\'s and Don\'ts
1. Never trust the word of one person on the values of your items.
At an auction you have a large crowd of people that determine your
prices plus a knowledgeable auctioneer and staff . Competition is

2. Never trust a person that has not be schooled with a degree in
the profession of estate liquidation. Auctioneers have to graduate
from a certified auctioneers school, then apprentice for two years
with continuing education, then sit for a state exam. Also take
continuing education every two years.

3. Never trust a person that is not bonded and you see the bond.
Licensed auctioneers have to be bonded and keep the bond current to
keep their license current. In Tennessee auctioneers pay into a
recovery fund for their bond which is through the Governors office.

4. When an estate sale (Tag sale) is over the operator sells what
is left for half price or less.( Give away) Auctioneers will sell
every item or lot.

5. Most estate companies bar you from the property when the
contract is signed. The auctioneer always welcomes you. Don't sign
a contract like this!

6. Estate sale companies run small ads in local papers. They depend
mostly on their regular people. Auctioneers run large ads and spend
much more that most estate sale companies. Just look at a Sunday

7. Auctioneers have to keep certified escrow accounts for clients.

8.Estate sales operators have no professional license and is not
regulated by any state agency.

9. Just one horrid story that happened in East Tennessee:
A most trusted estate sale operator goes into a house and finds a
very rare quilt. The family has no idea the quilt is rare. The
operator acts like it sells but she buys it for less than 500.00.
The family thought she did really well on it. A few years after
that a family member and his wife visit the American Museum of Folk
Art in New York City. They see the quilt on display in the main
hall and recognize it as their family's quilt with the provenance
stated from the collection of their estate sale operator. A law
suit was filled and the operator was found guilty of " stealing"
this 25,000.00 quilt. If this would have been at auction this would
have never happened. It would have been sold in front of many

10.If you are dead set on the estate sale (tag sale) process you
should have a professional well known auctioneer come in before you
contact an estate sale person and have him remove the valuable
items so they will be handled correctly.

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Deadbeat Bidders List
This is a list of people that have bought from us on the internet or absentee and have failed to pay for their items. Most of these people have not even communicated with us after their purchase. Many of the listed people have also been listed as disputed bidders on liveauctioneers. Done of these bidders in our opinion are trusted buyers and do not pay but many of them promise and never pay. They are not to be believed in our opinion.

Jimmy Zhu, Dead beat bidder
I will ask liveauctioneers to suspend you from bidding and you will be placed on my website as a dead beat bidder. You ask for another chance when you did not pay me last time and it seemed that liveauctioneers felt I should give you another chance due to us not adding the .cn after yahoo in our emails to you. I gave you another chance and removed the dispute. This dispute will be on my website forever so auctioneers can see what you do and who your are. It is my opinion people like you give other people in your country a bad name, but I do have trustworthy bidders in your country.

Jimmy Zhu
262 Nong 25 Hao 1ST fl cheng du bei roao
shanghai, AL 200004
Jörg Dr Schwarzendrube
Auf der Schwarz 37
Siershahn, Rheinland-Pfalz 56427

Boris Vasilev
Tverskaya street 6/8

Username: scooby
Julia Gerritsen
Frederiklaan 179
Noord Brabant

Username: me1989
Renesha Clevidence
2787 Minnow lane
lake havasu city

Username: bahmanjon, Sunset Rugs
Bahman Amini
7721 sw 67 ave
Jack Su.. this man has lied to me on a 4k purchsse, lied to his contacts here in America, Jack su can not be trusted, Do not do business with Jack Su.
Jack Su
No. 83 Niangang Villages, Xiqiao Town , Nanhai District, Foshan City , Guangdong Province, China
Foshan , Guangdong Province 528212
This guy is something else. He says he has wired me three times and does not know what is wrong. Forget about this guy. I m posting him as a deadbeat bidder on my site. He should be suspended from liveauctioneers

Atchariya Tookplan
Username: bangkokfeed
Address: 1014/70 thammasathid villa
Soi vashiratham 57 sukumvit 101/1
bangjak prakanong, bangkok 10260, TH
Tel: 027463416
Tel 2: 027463416


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Kimball M Sterling to auction the cane collection of rock and roll star
Johnny Winter

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